Hi-Spec 44pc Impact Drill Driver Screw Bit Set

Hi-Spec 44pc Impact Drill Driver Screw Bit Set

Hi-Spec Screw Bit Set with Popular PZ & PH Sizes

Hi-Spec 1/4 Hex S2 Screwdriver Bits with Nut and Socket Drivers

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  • 44pc GET IT DONE: Screwdrive into hard surfaces and tighten nuts with the Hi-Spec Impact Drill Driver Screw Bit Set
  • DELIVERS MAX. TORQUE: Outperforms ordinary driver bits by its torsion zones that distribute excessive stress and precision-machined tips for reduced stripping & cam-out
  • SCREWDRIVER BIT SET: Get essential bits including Torx, Pozidriv, Hex Allen, and 6, 8mm nut drivers
  • TEMPERED: Protective phosphate coatings and S2 shock-resistant steel improve ductility and hardness
  • IN A COMPACT CASE: Find a handy adaptor for 3/8” Drive Sockets, a Sleeve Holder to hold screws without slipping and a useful countersink bit
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